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By signing this document you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of 4×4 Cross Adventures. This policy forms part of the rental agreement. Should you need further clarification please contact us on


We suggest you read up about the areas you plan to visit before deciding on a route. You should have a basic understanding of the roads, the area (especially if you plan to visit remote areas) and the vehicle. Ensure that at least 2 people in your group are able to drive the vehicle.

1. Please inform us of your planned route on booking the vehicle.
2. Travel is only allowed in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
3. Please note that the Victoria Falls can only be viewed from Zimbabwe when using 4×4 Cross Adventures vehicles. If you would like to view the Victoria Falls from Zambia please make use of a day tour by bus.
4. Vehicle restrictions: The usage of our 4×4’s is restricted to specific areas. Public/tar roads, gravel roads or public recognized 4×4 tracks only.


o Minimum rental period is 7 days.
o Vehicle rental is calculated per calendar day e. g collection day and return day will be counted as full days irrespective of the time.
o EToll policy:
o All our vehicles are fitted with an eToll tag. These tags are debited with gantry levies in Gauteng, and also open gates on debit at toll gates on the major roads in South Africa that carry the eToll logo.
o This fee of R500 will be included in your quotation (if eToll fees exceed this amount the rest will be deducted from your security deposit).


A valid EB or code 8 national or an English international driver’s licence for vehicles less than 3500kg is required.
o Minimum age
The minimum age permitted to rent is 21 years and the maximum is 70 years.

o Unlimited kilometres
o Living, sleeping and kitchen equipment
o Full water-and fuel tank and gas bottle
o GPS Navigation system
o Tracker system
o 2 x drivers (more drivers will be charged separately)
o Airport/Hotel transfers (within 35km from collection point)
o Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover at a rate of ZAR200 per day
o Telephonic assistance (07:00-22:00)
o 24 hour roadside assistance in South Africa
o Maps and self-drive guide books
o Border documents
o Luggage storage (Pretoria only)
o One night free accommodation (conditions apply)
o Conditions for free accommodation:
 Only applicable to foreigners
 Only applicable to rentals longer than 21 days
 Only applicable to the selected accommodation in Pretoria
 Excludes meals, drinks and gratuities
 Cannot be exchanged for discount


o All extras requested not on the inventory list.
o Visas, 3rd party insurance and road taxes required at respective countries.
o Claims on vehicle accidents.


o A claim handling fee of R500 is charged on all damage or accident claims. 4×4 Cross Adventures is not responsible for any damage or theft to items of a personal nature.
o Travel and personal medical insurance is highly recommended.
o Liability to 3rd party included to a maximum of ZAR 2 500 000

The renter is fully liable for any damage to the vehicle or 3rd party property if:
o Any terms of the rental contract is breached
o Damages are sustained when the driver is in violation of any traffic laws or ordinances
o Damages are sustained when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving on restricted or unrecognized roads.
o Damages related to water submersion or salt water damage (a vehicle may not go through water higher than 30cm in depth).
o If the vehicle was driven in a country in which written approval was not obtained
o Damage with the incorrect use of the hand brake
o Damage to the clutch (all faults to the clutch can be reported up to 3 days after collection, thereafter it is deemed as the renter’s responsibility). The cost of the clutch is approximately ZAR15 000.
o Incorrect use of the high/low range and diff locks.
o If the incorrect fuel is pumped into the tank or fuel into the water tank. A cost of ZAR20 000 will be incurred.
o Any damages to the vehicle or equipment that 4×4 Cross Adventures has not been made aware of on the return of the vehicle.
o Any person driving the 4×4 who was not recorded under the rental agreement.
o Pick up of passengers or persons not recorded on the client information.


In case of an accident:
o A replacement vehicle will only be sent once payment of all damages to the first vehicle is made.
o The recovery of the damaged vehicle is covered by the insurance up to a maximum amount of ZAR15000 across borders of South Africa. The renter is responsible for any additional costs to return the damaged vehicle to the primary address of 4×4 Cross Adventures.
o The replacement vehicle will be what we have available and the model may differ from your original vehicle. The replacement vehicle will still be equipped and suitable for your requirements.
o Replacement of a vehicle due to an accident or damage:
o In case of water or clutch damage: The repairs are the responsibility of the renter.
o Should a replacement vehicle be required, 4×4 Cross Adventures will replace it within 24h in South Africa and 48hours outside of South African borders.
o A new security deposit will be blocked on the nominated Visa/MasterCard for the replacement vehicle.
o Unauthorised towing is not permitted under any circumstances.
o No refund for early termination of the contract will be considered.

Additional costs for the renter:
o You will be liable for the insurance excess: minimum ZAR 3000, 5% of claim. This will be deducted from your security deposit.
o If the driver is younger than 25 years or has had a drivers license for less than 2 years an additional ZAR 500 is added.
o In case of motor glass breakage 25% of the claim, minimum ZAR 350 is added.
o In case of theft or hijack 5% of the claim, minimum ZAR 3000 is added.
o Loss or damage of camping equipment such as chairs, table, cutlery, crockery etc. which are not covered by insurance and will be deducted from your security deposit.
o Time loss, inconvenience caused and alternative accommodation costs incurred are not covered by 4×4 Cross Adventures, your personal travel insurance should cover this.


Security deposit is utilized in the event of one of the following:
o Missing/broken items including GPS, fridges, air compressors, tents, keys etc.
o Filling up/top up of the fuel tank
o Major accident
o Full valet R850 if vehicle returned excessively dirty.
o Damage to the rims/tyres or windscreen.
o Minor accident damage (too small to claim from insurance)
o Traffic fines
o Refer also to vehicle accidents and insurance cover.

The security deposit will be refunded in full within 14 days should all of the above be in order. If not, the balance will be refunded together with the valid receipts within 21 days. In case of damages exceeding the security deposit you will be notified in advance and the balance will be charged to your credit card.


o Only valid Visa/MasterCard credit cards, EFT or bank transfer payments are accepted for rentals, security deposits and excesses.
o The holder of the credit card needs to be present at vehicle collection.
o 25% deposit is payable to confirm the booking.
o Full payment must be received within 31 days on booking the vehicle.
o 4×4 Cross Adventures is not responsible for any currency fluctuations that may occur.
o A security deposit of ZAR 10 000 is payable on all rentals. It is fully refundable upon the safe return of the equipment and vehicle. Should the security deposit not cover the full extent of the damage, the renter is liable for the difference.


o 31+ days: banking costs only
o 15-30 days 50% of total rental cost
o 0-14 days 100% of total rental cost

We suggest you read through the Self-drive guide (Botswana and Namibia) provided to you and in the vehicle where you will find very useful and detailed information.

Additional Maintenance requirements to be carried out by the renter:
o Check oil, water and tire pressure before departing each morning and at gas stations when fuelling up.
o Check all roof tent load bars and roof rack fasteners regularly.
o Retighten wheel nuts or check if well secured at first stop and when using on gravel roads.
o Check for leaks under the vehicle when the vehicle has been standing in one area for a period of time.
o Check radiator and grill area for clogging by grass seed, stalks, and mud (grass seed net provided).
o Monitor the temperature gauge, particularly in thick sand in warmer conditions or under loaded open road driving. Stop driving if the temperature gauge increases above normal and investigate.
o Wash the vehicle and wheels after driving in very muddy conditions as it becomes abrasive which can affect the brakes and other important components.
o Check for grass stalks which can be caught up in the prop-shaft, this can lead to a fire hazard. Stop at regular intervals (approximately every 20km) when driving through long dry grass and clear any grass around the exhaust manifold. Never park your vehicle on long dry grass.
o Check the batteries are secured and the terminals still well fastened.


o An inventory list is provided to you on pick up of the vehicle that reflects all the equipment in your vehicle.
o A full inspection is made with the client during pick up.
o Any shortages/damage on your return will be deducted from your security deposit, including fuel.
o Tracker system
o All vehicles are fitted with a tracker system to monitor movement and easily locate the vehicle. This is for safety purposes of all passengers or in case of vehicle theft.
o In case of reckless driving or abuse of the vehicle 4×4 Cross Adventures reserves the right to take back the vehicle.
o A warning text message will be sent to alert clients of any transgressions.
o If the vehicle is collected by 4×4 Cross Adventures all costs are for the client and no refund for the remainder of the contract will be considered.


Animal behaviour/driving in National parks:
o Always obey park rules and speed limits (40km/h in National Parks).
o Only exit the vehicle where you are allowed and always stay on the demarcated roads and tracks. Client initial:____________
o In some areas you are not allowed to drive at night, this is to minimize disturbance to the animals. Do not shine lights directly into the eyes of an animal.
o Keep a safe distance from elephants and rhinos who also pose a real danger while in a closed vehicle.
o In Botswana domestic animals are free to roam the roads. Cattle has right of way.
General safety guidelines:
o Do not travel at night, before sunrise or after sunset, unless for recreational purposes. Most animals graze at night which poses a high risk and can cause serious accidents.
o Be cautious when travelling overnight around the cities and towns as these areas are higher crime areas.
o Exchange cash at banks or foreign exchange offices.
o Use your own discretion while travelling and be vigilant at all times.
o A good rule is to fill up at each fuel station that you pass as the distances between towns can be large and occasionally towns run out of fuel or pumps might be out of order.
o In Africa the smaller fuel stations accept cash only for fuel. Ask before you fill up.
o Low Sulphur diesel (50ppm) is not available everywhere in Botswana. You will only find it in the main centres. Do not buy fuel from non-reputable stations or persons.
o Always carry your personal documents such as passports with you.
Be aware of the following when driving an equipped 4 x 4 vehicle
o It is not advisable to travel in excess of 60km/h on sand or gravel roads with a loaded 4wd vehicle due to the higher centre of gravity on these vehicles.
o Far more cautious and slower driving speeds in thick sand or bad road surfaces are recommended as areas are remote and emergency services are not within close proximity.
o A speed of 100km/h on tarred roads is recommended. Keep an eye on the overall condition of the road and reduce your speed when necessary as it may change suddenly to a poor condition with many potholes or other obstacles.
o Obey speed limitations at all times.
o Do not overload the roof rack, it can cause structural damage and negatively affect road holding.


o This involves a thorough explanation and demonstration on use of the vehicle and all the equipment.
o The inventory list will be checked and confirmed.
o The condition of the vehicle will be inspected.
o Vehicle handover can take approximately 2-3 hours
o No collection on a Sunday or Public Holiday. If unavoidable a surcharge fee of R600 will be added. Client initial:____________
o Collection time is from 08:00-15:00 (Monday-Friday), Saturday from 08:00-13:00.
o If the vehicle cannot be collected at the primary address of 4×4 Cross Adventures, a delivery fee will be added to your account to cover our travel expenses.


o Vehicle handover can take approximately 1 hour.
o The general condition of the vehicle and equipment will be checked.
o A further detailed inspection of the inventory list and equipment will be checked the following day. You will be notified of any concerns.
o The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel.
o Vehicle must be returned clean. If excessively dirty a cleaning fee will be charged of R850.
o No return on Sundays or Public Holidays. If unavoidable a surcharge fee of R600 will be added.
o Latest return on Monday-Friday until 15:00 and Saturday until 13:00.
o If returned later than the agreed return date or outside of normal office hours a full day’s rental per calendar day will be charged.
o If the vehicle cannot be returned (due to your planned route not circular) to the primary address of 4×4 Cross Adventures, a collection fee will be added to your account to cover our travel expenses.


o Our vehicles are not rented out to tour operators, except our partner African Spirit Safaris.
o No refund on early returns.
o Any problem experienced with a vehicle should be communicated during the rental period or at vehicle return. No claims will be considered after a vehicle was returned.
o Small items may stop working during your rental e. g zippers of tent, light in vehicle etc. This does not warrant a refund.
o If a booked vehicle becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control, 4×4 Cross Adventures reserves the right to substitute the vehicle.
o All documentation handed to you on collection must be returned with the vehicle e. g cross border documents, permission letters. If not the cost of reapplying for it will be deducted from the security deposit.
o The client will not hold 4×4 Cross Adventures, any director or employee liable for any loss, damage, personal injury or claim whatsoever.