All across africa, the dirt road

Roof top tent Tentco1 (single cab)/ 2 (double cab)
BeddingPillow cases2 (single cab)/4 (double cab)
Pillow covers2 (single cab)/4 (double cab)
Pillows2 (single cab)/4 (double cab)
Duvets1 (single cab)/ 2 (double cab)
Duvet covers1 (single cab)/ 2 (double cab)
Flat sheet 1 (single cab)/ 2 (double cab)
Mattress1 (single cab)/ 2 (double cab)
Extra blankets will be provided in winterAs needed
Access to tentLadder1 per tent
CanopyFully equipped with:
Fridge/freezer1 x 56L double door
Gas cylinder1x3kg
Fire extinguisher 1
Cutlery: 2 each (single cab) 4 each (double cab)
Chopping, Bread, meat knife1 each
Dishing up spoon, Table spoon1 each
Crockery: 2 each (single cab), 4 each (double cab)
Coffee mugs, wine glasses, drinking glasses2 each (single cab), 4 each (double cab)
Set of cooking pots, frying pan, kettle1 each
Kitchen equipment:
Can opener, wine opener and bottle opener1 each
Vegetable peeler, egg lifter, set of plastic containers1 each
Braai equipment:
Grid, bag, tongs, scraper and matches1 each
Kitchen cloth, dish cloth, clothes pegs, water basin, dustpan & brush1 each
Water reservoir25L Oasis purified water1
Medical kit Regulation 31
Emergency and recoveryRecovery:
Air compressor 1
Fold up spade 1
4 Ton towing rope1
Warning triangle1
Strap downs 4
Spare wheel 1
Safety vest1
Safety gloves1
Jumping cables1
Tyre puncture repair kit1
Cable ties set1
Wheel spanner 1
Utility boxes2 - 5
Jerry cans 3 x 20L
Toolbox complete 92 pieces
Extension cord1x20m
Camping equipment Camping table1 x 6 seater
Camping chairs2 each (single cab), 4 each (double cab)
Dual battery system2x12V